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Tsubasa: Volume 4 — Between Death And Danger
TsubasaThe popular anime series Tsubasa
  returns for a fourth instalment and
s hand is not the only force
  guiding Syaoran and his friends as
they hunt through time and space for
  Sakura’s lost feathers — chasing
  dreams without end in a future without
  a guide...”

WITH PLOTS THAT KEEP YOU GUESSING and a background of fabulous cities, Tsubasa is an enchanting tale of adventure and adversity — a search for feathers which are a key to Sakura's lost memory. Youngsters will delight in the handsome, gentle characters and beautiful landscapes — a backdrop to the stories that are interwoven with mysteries.

Princess Sakura's memory was scattered over worlds and dimensions and she has forgotten the special relationship she once had with Syaoran. Occasionally she recalls a fragment of her life with him, but it is gone as quickly as it came.

Syaoran, Sakura and their friends go from world to world, dealing with problems at every turn — kidnapped children, shadowy figures of unknown intent, haunting legends and competing in feats of magical strength. At times they are stuck in a place of dire contradictions and even greater consequence, but they steadfastly refuse to be swayed from their course.

In a magical kingdom of The Land of Storm — a land apparently governed by a magical faith that worships ancient spirits — the friends meet the men of the land who are born with an ability called Zola's Thunder that allows them to emit lightning from their hands.

And in the beautiful land of Õto, with its trademark cherry blossoms (called Sakura!), the friends believe they have found a safe and peaceful world. But at night the monster Onis appear — sinister, red-eyed evil demons who pose a risk to the inhabitants of Õto and look remarkably like the Morlocks from the film The Time Machine. And the Onis are beginning to appear more and more during the day — some with a much more pleasing appearance to take you unawares...


Help is at hand for the friends on their quest: the spirit of the golden-haired Princess Emeraude who watches over them and the little Mokina who is their faithful companion. They meet new friends like Shalme, who has been cursed by an ancient spirit and needs help to break the curse, and the Oni hunters who try to keep Õto safe.

Syaoran and Kurogane must face the dangers and remember the mantra of Toya's father, the king: "Look toward the future and have faith." But they are not the only ones who seek Sakura's feathers — and they are being watched as they travel from place to place.

Tsubasa: Volume 4 — Between Death And Danger, was released on 21 April (2008).

Certificate: PG | Approx 105 minutes running time | Extras: Character Guide; World Guide; Faces In The Crowd; Textless Opening; Textless Closing; Trailers.

When viewing, you can choose between English, Japanese or Japanese with subtitles. The wonderful music for Tsubasa is by Yuki Kajiura and the opening theme song, Blaze, is sung by Kinya and the closing song, LOOP, is sung by Maaya Sakamoto. The Chief Director is Koichi Mashimo.

English/Japanese Cast List

Syaoran: Jason Liebrecht/Miyu Irino
Sakura: Monica Rial/Yui Makino
Kurogane: Christopher R Sabat/Tetsu Inada
Fai: Vic Mignogna/Daisuke Namikawa
Mokona: Carrie Savage/ Mika Kikuchi
Princess Emeraude: Caitlin Glass/Sumi Shimamoto